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To conquer the atrocious, brain-devouring creatures that dwell in the far reaches of outer will need tactical prowess of galactical proportions!


Choose between three different commanders and battle for control of a planet in furious multiplayer battles...or follow the commanders in a wacky romp in a carefully crafted single player mode! Each commander has a their own unique card deck, with abilities that utilize the battlefields in different ways. 

The battlefield is always changing in this real-time strategy game, so unit positioning is key. The hex grid maps allow a precise level of control over how your troops move and attack, expertly fusing a classical tactical battle game with quick, fast-paced card game mechanics.

Tactical Galactical contains a generous handful of units to use in your army, including infantry, vehicular, and air units. All units move along the hex grid, each with different strengths, weaknesses, attack ranges and abilities.

While galactical warfare breaks out across the planet, your deployment ship will remain stationed in the sky above, firing new units down in drop pods and providing visibility to the tiles beneath.

Before you jump into the challenging realms of multiplayer, we’ve also created a unique single player campaign with multiple missions spread across different planets!

Want to become the strongest in the galaxy? Jump into cross-platform multiplayer mode and crush all your friends in 1v1 or 2v2 matches!